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Charging base



There are three possible bases for determining costs: per word, per line and per hour.
How to choose:
  • PER WORD and PER LINE: These are best suited for shorter to medium translations. For the client, they are methods with a measurable, predictable result.
  • PER HOUR: This method is well suited for longer documents (e.g. with similar, repeated passages) as well as for proof-reading and editing.

The client and JM FRIEDLI Services agree about the method of charging.

NOTE: Our standard charging method is per LINE
(= 12 words).



Language determining word count



For most languages, the base for word count will be the source document, as long as it is available in a format that can be electronically processed. Otherwise, the count will be done using the translated version, i.e. the target language.

When German is the source language, word count will always be done using the target language.






















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