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To guarantee the best possible quality in translations, it is helpful for the translator to have an exchange with the author/editor of the original document in order to clarify subtle points in style or meaning, rather than leaving this only to the interpretation of the translator. Therefore, we may, occasionally, engage this type of contact via phone or e-mail. Furthermore, we expect the client to provide all the information material related to the documents, insofar as it is necessary to ensure accuracy and punctual delivery of the translation (client's glossaries, diagrams, illustrations, drawings, tables etc.).






Many of the documents that individuals or companies need to have translated contain personal, confidential or critical information.
JM FRIEDLI Services is an independent company with no other ties or affiliations or competing interests. To date we have translated sensitive materials such as business plans and psychological reports - to name a few.
In a word, all documents are carefully handled and confidential treatment is guaranteed. Because e-mail is not a totally secure medium, we suggest that you send confidential documents via registered mail.












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